Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI), the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent (human) beings

Are you ready for Artificial Intelligence?

235 Services has a robust experience of using data insights to create business value across industries. From Machine Learning solutions like personal assistants, intelligent agents, bots and more, we are happy to have an initial chat about creating or procuring an AI solution for your organisation

235 Services will collaborate with your organisation to:

  • Ideate about your desired outcome
  • Discovery
  • Develop the AI solution
  • Run a Pilot
  • Deploy the Solution
  • Sustain the solution


Machine Learning

235 Services will enable your organisation to understand   the core concepts of machine learning, an AI technology that aims to design, understand, and use computer programs that learn from experience. We will also work with you to discover how machine learning can be successfully integrated into business functions through rich case studies that will help examine the opportunities that machine learning affords through sensing and predicting.

The goal is that ultimately; we will be able to propose ideas for the application of machine learning in a business context of your choice.

Our elaboration work will help in the following ways:

Review the core features of machine learning as a transformative technology in relation to your business use case.

Illustrate how machine learning is currently deployed within your industry and across functions

Investigate how your organisation can use machine learning to achieve cost leadership, differentiation, or focus

Decide if an application of machine learning is appropriate in your organization

Evaluate the strategic, technical, and other aspects of an application of machine learning in relation to your organisation.

Sample Machine Learning Use Cases

  1. Healthcare: Patient Diagnosis
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Marketing Personalisation
  4. Finance: Fraud Detection
  5. Smarter Government
  6. Digital Wealth Management: Robo Advisers
  7. Customer Churn

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing can be used in businesses having large volumes of numeral data which need to be analysed and presented in a readable manner.

The goal of Natural Language Processing is to fill the gap of how humans communicate (natural language) and what the computer understands (machine language)

With NLP, it becomes possible to perform tasks like automated speech and Automated Text Writing in a quicker timeframe.

Due to the large presence of large data around, we can run several algorithms to make tasks quicker

Some Example User Cases of NLP

  • Customer Service
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Market Intelligence
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Email Filters
  • Voice Recognition
  • Personal Finance Management
  • Sales
  • Studying pain points / inefficiencies in your business
  • Studying how customers are responding to a campaign
  • Machine Translation
  • Question Answer Systems
  • Personal Assistants
  • Web Search


235 Services has helped businesses of various sizes in automating in business. We will help your organisation delve into the key elements of robotics as a transformative AI technology, with a focus on robots used in multiple scenarios.

Our approach is to initially conduct an elaboration, engage via rich case studies surveying robots and autonomous vehicles, your organisation will learn how robotics can benefit your organisation.

We work through the following process:

  • Ideate about your desired outcome
  • Discovery
  • Develop the AI solution
  • Run a Pilot
  • Deploy the Solution
  • Sustain the solution

Customer Experience Transformation

We support our clients with AI enabled data insight to make their business more customer centric in the following areas:

  • Customer Experience Transformation
  • Digital Review Management
  • Digital Reputation Management

The first step is always to have an initial conversation to explore if AI is right for your organisations. It is important to note that AI is Data Science, it is not IT. There is usually a long period of commitment required.

We will be happy to have an initial no obligation call with your organisation.